Signature Cocktails

Wedding season is nearly upon us at Posh+Folk and we’re diving into all the details now. One detail that we love (and we know guests love too) is the Signature Cocktail.

Here are some of our suggestions on how to choose your Signature drink:

  1. Try using seasonal fruits for maximum freshness and flavor (bonus points if the fruit is locally grown in the region where you’re getting married).
  1. Consider selecting 2 specialty cocktails. We love when the bride and groom each choose a drink that they like. It’s great when these drinks contrast nicely so they appeal to different guests, ie, perhaps one is light and fruity (ie, a bellini or spritzer) and the other is more traditional (i.e., a negroni or moscow mule).
  1. Talk with your caterer or bartending company to make sure they can be efficient with preparing and serving whatever drink you choose. Ideally your caterer would be able to do mix batches of your cocktail before guests arrive at the bar to keep lines down.

We came across this recent blog post on Green Wedding Shoes with some tasty recipes. The Bee Sting sounds particularly delicious for a hot summer night!

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